Chairman Patrick F here.

I can’t say I have ever been in Batterstown, Co. Meath before – for the simple reason that I haven’t – but I knew I had fallen among friends when the first sight that greeted me was a statue of a footballer.

Blackhall Gaels are not unlike my own club Ballybore: except that they have won county senior titles and we haven’t.

Nor indeed have we an intermediate title.

Or a junior title since the heyday of my grandfather Patrick Dominic, the Minister, the Lord have mercy on him. But I’m not one to talk up my antecedents.

We stage our show The Pull in the Blackhall Gaels clubhouse tonight (Friday, March 28) where hopefully the local club will learn a great deal about running a local club from another club (Ballybore) who are local too, just not local to here.

The show starts at 8pm.

Please turn up on time (i.e. 8.10pm) so we can get started promptly (8.15pm).

I just want to say one thing, this wouldn’t want to end up like the last fiasco. We are the laughing stock around the town since that.


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