Our latest comedy play is “Since Death Began” written by John Corless.

Sudbury and Soames, Funeral Directors, have been ‘putting the fun into funerals since death began.’ In preparation for his retirement, Allard Winston Soames, the current principal, hires his sister’s lad as an apprentice in the hope that he will take over the business in a few years. During the apprenticeship they meet a woman whose husband has died recently.  The widow instructs them to “make the necessary arrangements.”  As the instruction progresses, the apprentice discovers there is more to the funeral business than might appear to the public…

“Since Death Began” examines all aspects of the funeral business, except the obvious. It renders the lives of three people through the media of tragedy, comedy, song and drama. It shines a sharply-focused beam into the caverns of loneliness, romance, ambition and business – the funeral business – a business Sudbury and Soames have been in, “Since Death Began.”

To book “Since Death Began” for your venue, please call Áine on +353 87 382 2949 or fill in our contact form. Thank you.