KGK Hall, Knockanore, Co. Waterford, is the venue for a new Gaelic games themed play on Friday, February 8th, 2013, and tickets are now being sold locally. {Listen to John Corless on Youghal Community Radio HERE}
The Pull is the first play from Half Solid Productions, a company established by Mayo writers Liam Horan and John Corless.
Liamis a former Gaelic games correspondent of the Irish Independent, and creator of the popular Championship Man series on RTE Radio One. John is a well-known poet who has performed a number of readings in this region.
The Pull is a lively comedy based on an “unreal real event that may or not have taken place in rural Ireland,” according to Liam. It is set in the fictional town of Ballybore, where, bizarrely, the local GAA club claim to pre-date the foundation of the GAA by some 130 years.
“It’s about a GAA club that runs into some financial trouble, but it’s not nearly as big a deal as they think. Basically, Ballybore GAA Club is only €1,000 in debt but it feels like €1m to the main people involved in the club. They set about trying to solve the problem and decide to pull a truck around their home town to raise money and get themselves in the Guinness Book of Records. Chaos ensues and they end up getting in way over their heads,” explained Liam.
In the midst of the panic and the cack-handed attempts at fundraising, there are a number of other sub-plots for the audience to enjoy. The Pull is suitable for all ages.

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Liam and John are looking forward to bringing the play to KGK Hall, Knockanore, on Friday, February 8th.
“We are touring all over Ireland and it will be great to stage it in KGK Hall, Knockanore,” added Liam.
The show starts at 8pm and admission is €10. KGK Hall, Knockanore, are selling tickets for the show which doubles as a fund-raiser for the hall. They can also be purchased beforehand from Mary Herlihy (087 967 6870) and Bridget Hunt (086 839 8247).
For more information, visit

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