A GAA comedy show visiting Co. Down this week will deal with every club’s biggest fear – the dreaded spectre of bankruptcy.


Can Ireland’s oldest GAA club, Ballybore, avoid the dreaded B word? That’s the question that will be dealt with in Darragh Cross GAC Community Hall on Saturday and Sunday next, December 27th and 28th, at 8pm. The comedy show is entitled The Pull.

“The club is £1000 in debt. That’s no laughing matter, and we’re certainly not laughing,” explained Cllr Patrick F, chairman of Ballybore GAA club.

“There’s no way around it – we will just have to hold a fund-raiser. Anyone with an interest in keeping Ballybore GAA club alive should come along to Darragh Cross this weekend – and, if I could ask them one thing, as chairman of this fine club, it would be to ask them to come along with new ideas, and not to be hamstrung by the past.”

Ballybore GAA club was formed in 1751, a full 133 years before the formation of the GAA itself.

Tensions are running high locally because, as everyone knows, the last fund-raiser was a fiasco. “The club was the laughing stock around the town then. If we get this one wrong, we may need the International Monetary Fund’s help,” said one club member, who prefers to remain anonymous.

The Pull starts at 8o’c on both nights and admission is £10. It is staged by Liam Horan and John Corless of Half Solid Productions.

There will be a disco after the show on both nights. Tickets can be purchased from club members. Ironically, the event will double as a fund-raiser for Darragh Cross GAC.

For more information, visit www.halfsolid.com/darraghcross


John Corless, writer and actor, The Pull

John Corless, writer and actor, The Pull

Liam Horan, writer and actor, The Pull

Liam Horan, writer and actor, The Pull


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