There you are, yet another dinner-dance of interminable speeches. “And while we didn’t have any successes this year, there were many positive…”

Partners who aren’t really that pushed about the pride of the parish. Wouldn’t it be grand if someone did something just a little left of centre, something just a little mad?

Well, we do.

We Ambush Dinner-dances.

Would you let these men ambush your dinner dance?

At the right time (studies show this to be just when the coffee is being served) we will stage our ambush. Our actors Liam Horan and John Corless will fight out a club battle there and then:

Who got medals in ’79, and who didn’t, and why?

Who let the club down by going to England the week of the county final?

Who used the club for his own political purposes?

Who left the showers running that caused the postponement of the Feile final, and an insurmountable bill from the council?

Whatever needs to be aired, whatever elephant needs to be brought to the middle of the room, we will do it. In the best possible taste of course. No-one will be offended – good clean fun suitable for the entire attendance.

Our guarantee: an unexpected injection of fun that will set up the mood for the rest of the night.

Do you want your dinner-dance ambushed? If yes, contact Half Solid Productions, tel 094 95 42965 or and we will be happy to provide you with more details. We can travel anywhere in Ireland, and, if the money is right, we will happily go overseas.

Each performance localised for host club. We do our homework. An ambush typically lasts at least 15 minutes, and depending on the club’s requirements, and the scale of the issues we have to tease out, it has been known to run to 35 minutes.