HalfSolid Productions is a comedy theatre production company based in County Mayo in the West of Ireland. We stage family-friendly productions all over the country and the UK.

HalfSolid was originally established to bring the GAA-comedy, “The Pull,” to audiences and to raise funds for clubs. “The Pull” was written and performed by the original HalfSolid partners, John Corless and Liam Horan. This production was enormously successful and toured between 2012 and 2016.

In 2015 Liam Horan left the production company due to other work commitments. He was replaced in the show by Eamonn O’Shiel. John Corless continued the business.

Our current offering is “Since Death Began” – a comedic look at the business of the undertaker. It tells the story of Sudbury and Soames who have been in business a long time – since death began. (They should know all about the funeral business.) The current principal, Allard Winston Soames is planning for retirement, and is teaching the subtleties of the business to his nephew – Archibald Huxton – in the hope that the young man will take over and continue the tradition. 

“Since Death Began” will be touring from January 2019.